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Writing and Communication Centre

Role: Senior Online Learning Assistant (Remote Internship)
Accomplished: Accessibility skills, teaching material creation, course development, Adobe InDesign Skills, Video Captioning


As a SOLA intern for the WCC I was given three major projects (briefly explained below):

  • Our main role was to ensure that all the materials that the course/workshop creators produced was made accessible according to AODA standards before being released or used. This involved: Video captioning, PDF creation using Adobe Acrobat, and doing accessibility checks on presentations and handouts.
  • Each of the interns was given an ‘expert’ area; mine was video accessibility and captioning. As a deliverable before completing my internship I submitted an in-depth tutorial/workshop using Microsoft PowerPoint on how to video caption for future WCC employees to use.
  • Towards the end of the summer I realized why the WCC needed interns to do accessibility checks, their workshop designers where using templates which themselves were not accessible. I took the initiative to create a template that was automatically accessible once exported using Adobe InDesign. This ultimately would save time, streamline the workshop creation process and allow the WCC to use their interns for more efficiently.

Innovation Project Course

Course: LUBS 3990 - Innovation: Principles and Practise (University of Leeds)

Pitching to Industry Leaders

Role: Team Leader, Presenter
Accomplished: Pitching, Presentation Creation, Business Strategy, Client Relations, UX Design


I pitched our solution to a panel of industry partners including, IBM, NHS, and the Dean of the ULeeds Business School who voted our solution 2nd place in the class.

The brief we received was to work towards finding a tech solution for banking institutions losing potential sales opportunities from information being lost during meetings between Wealth Managers and High Wealth clients. With our solution we would be able to incentivize employees to share sales opportunities they can't focus on, give wealth managers the tools they need to capture more information and organize that information into a usable, shareable system.

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