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My passion

My work builds businesses, enables individuals, and creates community but maintains

the embodiment of adventure in everything I do...

Getting outside


Expanding my knowledge


While I read a lot of books, here are a few that I've been reading which have built upon my existing skills so I can provide you more value.

Business Model Generation

Alexander Osterwalder

I learned about creating strong business models that are dynamic and unique. I applied this to a recent project where I was required to create a multisided platform business model canvas and determine how to generate revenue and create value to a diverse group of customer segments.


Nuancy Duarte

Through story telling and an innovative presentation structure I learned how to build compelling presentations and create impact on the audiences I present to.

Designing Brand Identity

Alina Wheeler

To go beyond UX Design, I dived into the world of Brand design and the process of creating a brand that would stand the test of time.

The Power of Habit

Charles Duhigg

While this book is aimed at creating personal habits, I've applied the habit cycle Duhigg examines to a recent course project to create a business that gives consumers powerful and sustainable habits.


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